Friday, May 29, 2015

Today I Want to Make...... EVERYTHING!

Yes, I actually do want to make everything, and learn how to make everything - It's a problem.  This morning I started working on a project I began earlier in the month.  I was really excited about it because I was trying out a new technique I developed.  I am using Delight™air dry modeling compound as a three dimensional drawing surface for colored pencils.  At one point I needed to add some more clay to the piece, and that's when the trouble started (again), because, once the wet clay was added I had to wait for it to dry.  I started work on another project, also began some time ago, but needed some reference photos for one aspect (this one is a miniature cottage) and got lost in the photos for a little while....because, aside from photos, I really need to actually know how real-life thatching is done, and maybe a little bit about the lives of the people who thatch roofs - right?  After working on that project for a bit, and also getting to a point where I had to let things dry, I worked on a drawing.  The drawing was of roots, which I began because I saw a new drawing technique I wanted to try.  I finished the drawing, then went to check my mail and social sites.  I consider myself very lucky to have so many artistic friends, but there are some days when their works of art are so inspiring and overwhelmingly amazing that I want to stop what I'm doing and try one of their techniques.  *sigh* and so it goes.  After lunch, I decided to write some poetry - which doesn't require drying time, research, etc.  Here it is:

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  1. I can really relate to this....I procrastinate....jump from one thing to another because it looks interesting to the point where I never finish anything! It is very very frustrating.