Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fun with the Design Team

Here it is, February already!  My second project post is up on the Creative Paperclay® blog, and my third post overall.  I'd like to think that I've inspired a few people in their crafting endeavors, I know that I've been inspired, not only by the fabulous posts of the other design team members, but by all of the experimentation and work I've been doing with clay new to me.

My first project using Delight™ Air Dry Modeling Compound
complete directions on how to create this are on the Creative Paperclay® blog

 I've been using Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material for about 15 years, but, I am completely new to the company's other product, Delight™ Air Dry Modeling Compound.  Well, not 100% new - a long time ago I bought a small package of it for something I wanted to make in miniature, and I'll admit that I didn't like the feel of it at all.  I knew that it wasn't going to work for what I intended to use it for, so never used it again.  Now that I've been more open to the possibilities of this clay, and now that I am getting back to doing some more general crafts (outside of miniatures), I'm finding there are a lot of things to like about this compound; it's lightweight, remains somewhat flexible, stays true to color when paint is mixed with it, etc.  I'm looking forward to working with it some more, and learning more from the rest of the team as well!

Experiments, and more experiments!  My tips post for January
was about keeping track of all of them.

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