Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Challenges and Inspirations -Why making tiny things is fun!

I recently decided to try making 1:48th and 1:24th scale mask forms, to offer them in kits, as I already do with my 1:12th scale form.  Sculpting the forms themselves was a bit difficult, but in order to make sure they worked suitably I needed to make some masks.  Creating those might not have been very difficult, until I decided to make it so.  Also would have been easy enough to just make one simple mask on each, and it would have proven whether or not the forms were usable, but, I decided to re-create famous monsters.  Why?

As I was dealing with the trials and frustrations of trying to accomplish these tiny things (the 1/48th scale masks are about 3/16ths of an inch long), I wondered why I always seem to want to make the things that are going to take so much time and effort.  I've been asked before why I make miniatures, my standard "joke" answer is that "I love frustration".  Considering that carefully though, perhaps it isn't a joke.  Do I love frustration?  Sort of.  Or maybe it wouldn't be right to say I love it, but I do tend to thrive on it when it comes to creating art work; the fun part is the problem solving.  I look for things I've never seen in miniature before, and think "I wonder if I could make that?" "How would I do it?" I see things in "real life" size and think "That would be fun to make in miniature!".  I do the same thing with other crafts, painting, drawing, etc.  Of course I don't do this with everything, there are times when I want the comfort of a tried and true process that I've done "a million times", but even after all these years in the arts and craft world, I have never lost the thrill of trying something new or inventing a new method or technique, just to see if I can.

THAT is the fun part! and now I'm going to change my answer as to why I come up with these things from "I love frustration" to "I love to learn!"  While creating the masks I learned what will work, and what won't.  I had to modify the method for smaller scales, and use some different materials.  Over the last few weeks I've also been working on a 1:48th scale jointed human skeleton....and here again, I just this week invented a new way to make the pelvis and developed a pattern.  Now next time I want to make a larger scale model, I'll have this new method and I'm just thrilled about it!

Okay, maybe I'll also add "I love to learn, solve problems, share, and make people smile" because the other reason I chose tiny little movie monsters was for the sheer silliness aspect.  They make me smile, and I hope they make you smile too - what could be better than that?  Here are some of my other frustrating and fun works of art :)

my challenge on this one, aside from the size of the house itself,
was making icicle lights and having those and
the tree and house lights all work!

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