Friday, January 23, 2015

A bright stone cast into the Pool of Happiness!

I've mentioned in my bio how much I loved getting craft books from the library when I was a child, and how I copied diagrams and instructions, but what I didn't mention was that I also started a book list of all the books I read, craft books, stories, everything, and, I had them all rated - 5 stars was the best, that meant it was a book I hoped to own some day! My love of books, information, and dreaming about having my own library started at a very early age.

I also skimmed over the "drama and trauma" parts of my life in the bio, and I'm still going to, except to say - I lost all of those lists, drawings, journals, photos, etc. a long time ago.  I really didn't remember many of the book titles, because I hadn't bothered to remember them, having written them down. Throughout the years I've fondly remembered a book here and there and, thanks to the internet, have been able to find some of them.  There were a few extra special books like this one, that, although I had copied all the patterns and diagrams, I still loved and found myself checking out again and again.  It was most definitely a five star book!!!

That was a very long time ago though, and as an adult, it was one of the ones I couldn't remember the full title of.  All I remembered was that the title was either "Marionettes" or had marionettes in the title....which, as you can imagine, includes just about every book written on the subject.  Nonetheless,  I've used that search term a few times, and bought some books that I thought were THE one, but not being able to view the entire book online, I have purchased the wrong one in each case.  Not that I'm complaining, it's okay with me if I have a multitude of books on marionettes!

Then one day, because of my purchase history (another bonus of buying the other books), a picture of this book came up.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one I used to read.  Apparently, either there weren't any available the other times I had checked, or I didn't recognize it without the cover.   I looked through the purchase choices and picked the hardcover that was in the best condition, etc., even though it only had 2 of the pattern pages in the back.

Unfortunately, when the book arrived it was moldy.  It was so moldy, in fact, that it made both Steve and I sick and we had to put it and all of it's packaging in the garage.  I contacted the seller who was very sorry, and more than generous and agreeable in fixing the problem right away.  But, I still didn't have the book.  On the bright side, I now had all of the publishing information and knew what to look for, so put it on my list.

Shortly after the first book problem, I found another hard copy with dust jacket, and all the patterns, in good condition! Hurray! Actually, I found a lot of copies of the book once I knew what to search for, but not all of them were in great shape; not surprising given that it is an old book (my copy is the eleventh printing of a book first published in 1929).

I'm so happy to say that this one arrived in good condition and had been lovingly cared for.  In fact, the person who owned it a long time ago had followed the author's advice in tracing the pattern pages onto separate pieces of paper in order to keep the original patterns intact, and those are tucked in to the pattern folder as well.  The original book patterns are in pristine condition!  I believe the previous owner loved the book as much as I did (do!).  Book Joy!  Every time I look at this book I smile.....and, as the introduction by L. Walker Erskine says, I "rejoice in its spell".

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