Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween Projects in the Works

The mornings are getting downright cold here, and some of the foliage is already starting to change color, so I can’t help wanting to get ready for Halloween.  Our youngest daughter and all of our grandsons are carrying on the family Halloween party tradition, and I get to join in the fun!
I designed this little cauldron favor, then decided to make one up as a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern favor as well.

To make your own you’ll need;
black or orange construction paper (or colored paper)
white glue
scissors or craft knife
2 chenille stems, each 8 1/2″ long
fine tip ball stylus (or ball-point pen, or hard lead pencil, for scoring along pattern fold lines)
Transfer pattern to construction paper, press-score (indent) along all dashed lines, cut out pattern along solid lines.  Fold along horizontal lines on each section, towards the center.   Do this for each section.

Now curl the center section of each folded area around your pen, pencil or stylus.  Don’t leave this step out, it really makes the cauldron edges easier to glue into position if they are pre-curved!  Once you have them all curled, glue the ends down along the fold edge as shown, creating a tube on the end of each section.

When that step is completed, turn cauldron over and fold all tabs upward.

Flip the cauldron back over, hold as shown, and begin gluing down the tabs – start with the tabs closest to the bottom and glue all the way around, then move on to the next row (glue one “A” tab at a time and continue around the cauldron until all “A” tabs are glued, then move on to “B” tabs, one at a time around the cauldron, then “C”)  Stop when the bottom three levels, tabs A through C, are completed.

 —– I’m switching to photos of the orange cauldron now because the steps were easier to see in these pictures—proceed just like this with the black cauldron : ) 

When you have the bottom three tabs glued, form one of the chenille stems into a circle, turn cauldron over and insert stem into tube at the top of a section, then gently push through the rest of the sections until the chenille stem is all the way inside.  You’ll need to push the sections together a bit at a time, push the stem forward, etc.

Make sure all the top tabs are to the inside of the cauldron.  Hold the top sections together and glue the last three tabs of each section.  Let them dry for a few seconds before moving on to the next section.

It should look something like this when you are finished.

Attach second chenille stem to areas left by flat edges of sections (you will see the openings on each side when you’ve finished gluing the top sections together.

Decorate as desired and fill with goodies!

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