Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A New Blog Space

A while back, when I first dipped into the waters of blogging, I was told that Wordpress was the way to go for a more professional appearance and more versatility.  I liked the options there, but, found the editing and interfaces "clunky", and the user supported help system hard to navigate.  I tried theme after theme, and basically, ended up hardly ever updating my blog because I didn't like going through the hassle.

At the same time, my dog started his blog here.  Let's face it, he's not the greatest typist in the world, and he hates to wait for pictures to upload, so I helped him out a lot.  A LOT.  Turns out that his was always easier to edit, and he didn't get nearly as many spam comments, etc.  (not that he was any better about keeping up with his posts).

Last week I started experiencing even more problems with my WP blog, the theme was updated and the editing got even worse.  Not sure what happened, but, none of the text was visible when I attempted to edit or write posts.  I spent a fair amount of time going through the forums, and apparently this has been happening to various users at various times throughout the years, there are various things to try, etc., but it was kind of the "last straw" for me.  I'm not knocking WP, it's obviously great for some people, but I am not one of them.

So here is my first post on my "new" blog.  I'll try to get the posts or at least the basic information from the other site here, since it contains how-to's, etc.

In the meantime, Thanks Again for joining me.  Hoping to be a much more frequent blogger here.

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